Have your project work written

In some training courses, such as an IHK final examination or in nursing science study branches, the preparation of a specialist paper, a project work or a project report is common. This is comparable to a larger term paper. The page size is usually 20-30 pages and is, as in other works, divided into a theoretical and practical part. Some also refer to the project work or specialist work as the “little sister” of the bachelor thesis.

In most cases, a project work or a project report is about referring the scientific theory to practice or a concrete practice case. For example, internships or one’s own professional activity constitute a point of reference. If one already works in a company or has other access, this practical relevance can be established more easily. If this is not yet the case, companies or institutions need to be addressed in order to Conduct a survey for project work or get other relevant information.

A project report should prepare questions, applied methods, results and conclusions of a study in such a way that the most important aspects for persons, who only get to know the project through the report, are comprehensible.

Often the structure and the course of a project work is strongly predetermined. However, it is precisely the scientific relevance and neatness of the academic literature on the subject that presents many graduates with problems. It often lacks the “exercise” to write scientific texts routinely and thus produce the required theory and practice reference. However, the targeted literature search or the correct citation of sources is an essential requirement of a project work – even if in a project work, the greatest importance is not always attached to a detailed presentation of the theoretical foundations.

If the project work is successful, a presentation usually has to be given in a concluding expert discussion. In it, the contents of the project work will be summarized again and the most important contents will be discussed. On the one hand conclusions about the results should be formulated, on the other hand difficulties and challenges within the project should be addressed. If possible, the importance of the results for the subject area as well as possible consequences for the practice and for further research should be presented.

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