Create a questionnaire and evaluate statistics

For many bachelor theses, but especially for master theses, doctoral theses and other scientific studies, the empirical methodology in the form of statistical analysis, evaluation and documentation is an essential element of the thesis. This proves the scientific contribution and therefore represents an important evaluation criterion.

We support you with your statistical experiment planning and help you with the interpretation and adequate documentation of your evaluation.

Create a questionnaire

In order to avoid many problems from the outset, which may be associated with a statistical survey and evaluation, we offer a special service our questionnaire check.

Especially in the questionnaire conception, great importance should be attached from the outset to a clean concept that fits the research design. Because errors in the questionnaire creation complicate the subsequent data analysis and validity of your study enormously. Possible sources of error can be found not only in the formulation of the items, but also in the choice of response scales. It is also vital to consider before the beginning of the survey which hypotheses are to be answered using the questionnaire and whether the questionnaire may even have to be subjected to a quality check (this is particularly important for psychological questions).

It is therefore always a good decision to have your questionnaire reviewed by our specialists before the examination begins. This saves not only time, but also money and nerves.

evaluation of the data

We also gladly support you in the data evaluation. Because every data collection requires a suitable evaluation. The selection of possible evaluation methods is varied and depending on the choice of method different results can result. Therefore, the applied statistical methods should fit to your data set to avoid that a data evaluation in an undesirable direction or not fit the hypotheses and issues.

Regardless of which phase of your statistical project you need help with, whether in the development of research methodology, questionnaire design, data analysis and interpretation, we adapt our services individually to your requirements.

Our statistical experts are at your side, ask us.