Have a bachelor thesis written

Many students have problems with the sovereign writing of their thesis. One of the concerns most frequently approached us is therefore the support of the bachelor thesis. We are often asked if it is possible to write a bachelor thesis.

Ghostwriter for a bachelor thesis?

A bachelor thesis or bachelor thesis is at the end of a bachelor program. Often the student only then becomes aware that a bachelor thesis is a complex and time-consuming project. At the same time, there is often insufficient supervision by the university.

If you find that you are in a similar situation with your bachelor thesis, we are there for you. We help you with finding a topic, researching, structuring and also writing your term paper or term paper.

Aim and purpose of a bachelor thesis

he writing of the bachelor thesis is part of the examination regulations. The goal is the independent handling of a scientific question. Since the student is usually busy with the preparation of the work for several weeks or even months, the topic should interest him in order to remain permanently motivated.

In a bachelor thesis, the independent processing of a selected research question is required, but usually not a research-related contribution (as opposed to the master’s thesis).

Formal requirement for the enrollment of the bachelor thesis is the proof of the minimum number of ECTS, whereby the exact requirements are to be found in the respective examination regulations of the subject. The scope of a bachelor thesis can vary considerably depending on the topic and the approach. Once all the required credentials and ECTS have been collected and the topic and supervisor of the bachelor thesis have been determined, the work can be registered in the examination office of the respective department. Then, the exact deadline of the work will be fixed, which requires the student to have a precise and well thought-out schedule. The scope of the bachelor thesis is usually between 25 and 50 pages. The time required to write a bachelor thesis is usually set at 360 hours.


No matter how many hours and effort you invest in the bachelor thesis, scientific writing is ultimately a “craft” that wants to be learned and mastered. The better you master it, the better the result. These include, first of all, the procedure for finding a topic and the research as well as the well-founded assessment of the extent to which the selected topic can actually be scientifically useful in the bachelor thesis.

The right topic is extremely important for a successful bachelor thesis, not just for your own motivation. Thus stands and falls the feasibility of bachelor thesis. In particular, it’s about choosing not just one topic that sounds interesting, but one that also has access to relevant literature.

Once the topic has been selected (or given), it is a question of developing hypotheses or goal-oriented research questions, as well as defining the appropriate methodology for answering them.

Of course, an important part of the scientific “craft” is the realization that no scientific work can do without a reference to other works. Correct and complete citation is even one of the most important components of a scientific work and wants to be just as learned as the actual formulating and writing. Otherwise there is a risk of plagiarism.

Write bachelor thesis?

To answer the often asked question “write bachelor thesis – is that possible?” To answer: our ghostwriters do not write their bachelor thesis, but a specially written for you and high-quality legal template, which you can use in their sole discretion for your own bachelor thesis.