Write a master thesis

The Master’s Thesis or Master’s Thesis is the crowning achievement of the Master’s degree program and often an important prerequisite for the desired profession. Undoubtedly, the Master’s thesis presents an academic challenge, and during the study there is not always enough time and capacity to learn the necessary scientific writing and writing.

Ghostwriter for the master thesis

Our ghostwriters therefore help as needed with their master’s thesis. From finding a topic, selecting the appropriate methodology and researching the relevant literature, creating an exposé to writing the entire text for your master’s thesis, we will be at your side – competent, reliable and discreet.

Aim and purpose of a master thesis

As part of a master’s thesis, the student should prove that he / she can apply his / her theoretical knowledge and the knowledge acquired during the course of a challenging scientific work. Although similar to a bachelor thesis the scientific state of research is reproduced. However, (practice-oriented) problem solutions will be developed with the aid of scientific methods, in particular statistical surveys. Writing a master’s thesis in a company can be excellent, especially in preparation for the desired occupation. Last but not least, this makes data collection much easier.

Only a few master’s theses are purely literature-based. Regardless of research design, however, it is certainly a requirement of a master’s thesis to make and develop your own scientific knowledge.

The master’s thesis is comparable in terms of extent and effort to the requirements of a diploma thesis or master’s thesis. Usually the processing period is about 4-6 months, the volume of the Master’s thesis is about 60-100 pages and corresponds to 15 – 30 credit points. Registration for a Master’s thesis is possible as soon as all necessary credit points have been collected and all modules successfully completed.

The time required to write a master’s thesis is usually set at 500 hours, although there are no nationwide guidelines on the scope of a master’s thesis. For example, humanities scholars often have to write between 90 and 120 pages, while economists sometimes have to write “only” 60-80 pages for the master’s thesis. In most cases, the Master’s Thesis may not be written in the same subject as the Bachelor Thesis.


To answer our often asked question “write a master thesis – is that possible?”: Our ghostwriters do not write their master’s thesis, but they write a high-quality legal template that they can use at their own discretion.

Whatever your individual and personal reasons for getting a master’s thesis or a qualified, individual and high-quality legal template – our ghostwriters, writing coaches and lecturers will gladly assist you – discreetly, competently and reliably. Ask us!